Peanut … almond with orange


  • Protein source
    Protein source
  • High fibre content
    High fibre content
  • Viva for vegetarians and vegans

Peanut … almond with orange


Can there be anything more delicious than peanut butter? Yes, there can! It is a paste to which we have added almonds and candied orange peel. It smells amazing and tastes even better! The hint of orange gives this delicacy a unique aroma and is like a delicious dot over one’s “I”. However, the taste is not everything because the ingredients of our paste have numerous healthy properties. Peanuts are record holders among other nuts when it comes to protein content and B3 vitamin that is so important for our nervous system. That is not all – peanuts are a great source of valuable fats and fibre. And the rumour has it that they are a great aphrodisiac 🙂 In turn, almonds are rich source of vitamin B2 that is very important for our nervous system and vitamin E that protects the cells against the destructive influence of free radicals. What is more, they are rich in fibre, unsaturated fatty alive acids and potassium that controls the muscles functioning and regulates the blood pressure. It is good then that our Peanut … with orange peel can be used in many ways!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Oranges are delicious and refreshing fruits – no wonder then that we like them so much! We usually focus on the inside and the peel is thrown away. It is a mistake! No wonder that our grandmas used to say that the richest in vitamins is the peel – this is also the case with oranges. The orange peel has 10 times more vitamin C than a pressed orange juice! What is more, it is a source of other vitamins, several dozens of flavonoids and minerals.

Our Peanut … with orange peel is a great addition to all kinds of porridges or millet porridges. It will taste great with omelettes, crepes, waffles, bread or crackers. It can be added to cakes, cookies and other sweet bakings, as well as used to prepare creams, cake glaze and sauces. It can also be eaten in the favourite manner of peanut delicacies fans – with a spoon out of the jar!

Ingredients: roasted peanuts 52%, roasted almond 31%, powdered sugar, BIO candied orange peel * 4.5% (BIO glucose syrup * 75%, BIO orange peel * 25%), rapeseed oil, natural orange flavor, natural flavors : lemon and almond with other natural flavors, sea salt.
* – ecological raw material Certification PL-EKO-07. The product may contain: soybeans, sesame and other nuts.


No.Nutritional value of the productin 100 gin a serving (25 g)% DI** in a serving (25 g)
1Energy2202 kJ / 532 kcal551 kJ / 133 kcal7%
2Fat43 g11 g16%
3of which saturated fatty acids4,8 g1,2 g6%
4Carbohydrates20 g5,1 g2%
5of which sugars16 g4 g4%
7Protein20 g4,9 g10%
8Salt0,50 g0,12 g2%
6Fibre7,9 g2,0 g-

*NRV – Nutrient Reference Value for an average adult person (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).
The package contains about 7 suggested servings of the product.

Net weight: 185 g
EAN code: 5900672302486

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