Active tahini


  • No salt added
    No salt added
  • No sugar added
    No sugar added
  • Protein source
    Protein source
  • High fibre content
    High fibre content
  • Viva for vegetarians and vegans

Active tahini


Tahini is a paste made of roasted sesame seeds, which are milled until they reach oily consistency. It is rich in iron, calcium, thiamine (vitamin B1) and fatty acids, which is why it is recommended to those on a vegetarian and vegan diet. It also contains copper, which, as a co-factor of many enzymes, is responsible for regulation of a large number of our body processes. Our current lifestyle, stress and increasing nutritional deficiencies lead to violation of the balance between trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, selenium or iodine). That is why it is very important to eat a variety of products and combine them in an interesting way, for example by adding tahini.
Do you know that the history of this aromatic paste started 4000 years ago? The first mention of it comes from the area of Tigris and the Euphrates and appears in the books of Herodotus, called the father of history.

Tahini is suitable for breakfast, interchangeably with peanut butter. This sesame paste may also be used to make hummus or another interesting vegetable paste, being an excellent addition to bread.

Ingredients: Roasted sesame 100%.
The product may contain soy, peanuts and other nuts.
Sesame oil on the paste surface is a natural phenomenon.



No.Nutritional value of the productin 100 gin a serving (25 g)% DI** in a serving (25 g)
1Energy2580 kJ / 623 kcal645 kJ / 156 kcal8%
2Fat53 g13 g19%
3of which saturated fatty acids7,4 g1,9 g10%
4Carbohydrates17 g4,2 g2%
5of which sugars0 g0 g0%
6Protein17 g4,4 g9%
8Salt0,08 g0,02 g0%
*RI – Reference Intake value for an average adult person (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).
The packaging contains 14 recommended servings of the product.

Expiry date is 12 months past the production date. Expiry date is at the same time the batch number, and it is printed on the lid.

Net weight:: 460 g
EAN code: 5900672302172

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