Our Compositions

Simple compositions

The products that we pass into your hands have simple compositions, without unnecessary additives. We create them with heart and passion, based on original recipes developed by us. Therefore, our products have a unique and natural taste.

Only natural ingredients

We prepare our products using only natural ingredients. They do not contain artificial preservatives, colours, aromas or flavour enhancers. Our food is also GMO-free.

High quality

We make sure that each ingredient in our product has the highest quality. Vegetables and fruits are carefully picked and selected in the first place by local farmers from certified crops. However, they undergo numerous careful controls before being closed in a jar.

Glass packaging

Our food is packaged in glass containers, which has a positive impact on the environment and is the safest for the raw material. Besides, thanks to our pasteurization process, jarred products have a long ‘use by’ date, without adding artificial preservatives.